What a week!

After recovering from illness (not just myself, but several members of the family!) I made it to a couple of live shows this week. The first of these was Deerhoof, however I’d like to save a word for the support act Circuit des Yeux. What a voice Haley Fohr has, covering a mind-numbing 4 octaves and mixing it with experimental folk and rock it was a cracking support and I honestly thought it was going to make the headliner look decidedly average. Oh how wrong I was! Deerhoof killed it with stage presence, a drummer who liked to chat and tell crap jokes between songs and the strange dancing front-woman who was captivating for reasons I still haven’t worked out! This was the first show of their current batch of shows, so do try to catch them if you get a chance, they’re well worth it.

The second gig of the week was Goat, a band have seen previously at Flow Festival soon after the release of their first album. Sadly I missed the support, but took a seat (yes I know, but sometimes I actually like to sit and observe the crowd as much as the band). The band took to the stage in their regular masks and great stage outfits and proceeded to rock, prog and psych their was through a polished set. The crowd enjoyed it as did I, but I couldn’t help thinking that clocking in at just under an hour for a headline show (not including a 3 song encore) was a little short. Nevertheless, another solid show.

I would like to mention that both of these shows and one I will attend next week are part of the Helsinki Festival, a festival organised by the city in an amazing large tent space in the district of Kallio. The event lasts for a couple of weeks and includes music crossing many genre boundaries and other arts events. It’s a great promotional tool for the city and many people attend to see artists who don’t tend to visit the city so often. If you get the chance, please do try and pop by, you won’t regret it.


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